Friday, 3 February 2012

I know that im mad...

Itaztaz11200tazdentification with the mind creates every mad things.every moment we are identified with the mind and body.sometimes i am thinking we are living like mad men.yesterday i saw a mad guy in my home town koothattukulam.he is speaking loudly to himself...he is laughing to himself...answering to his own questions..and he had collected so many junks in his bag from the street.I watched the man dejectedly.But he was so happy as if his bag was full of gold coins...When i came back home by my bike i thought, there is no much deference between that man and me...i know number of thoughts are moving when im working or whatever im doing, the thinking process is running without interruption.if someone is listening it, definitely they will call me deference is something about volume...he is expressing his thought through a loud speaker.Im listening My thoughts with my wireless head set...everyone calls him one knows that there is a lunatic inside me.what happens to the man is nothing but he completely identified with his mind...he lost his i ness or the watcher behind the thoughts...and the people who blame the man is mad are just on the verge of loosing there i ness and soliloquizing about others madness...!

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